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Iron Man to show up in Hulk

Hulk.jpgPreviously on Filmstalker we heard that there may be a cross over between the new Iron Man film and The Incredible Hulk. However no one was sure who would be appearing in which film, until now.

William Hurt who stars as General Thaddeus Ross in The Incredible Hulk, has apparently let the cat out of the bag during an interview where he says he has filmed a scene with Robert Downey Jr.

During an interview with MTV Hurt talked about the scene:

I have a scene with Iron Man, with Robert Downey Jr.... It's a funky scene....I don't know how it'll work.I know it's weird [to work with a character from another movie], and to know it's a device. We did something; I don't know what that's going to be like [to watch].

Well now we know it's happening and who is crossing over, we'll just need to wait and see what it looks like. Marvel are certainly trying to tie these films together. First with Samuel L Jackson appearing in Iron Man as Nick Fury, and now Iron Man showing up in The Incredible Hulk. Would you like to see these characters all in an Avengers film, which is where we seem to be heading?



I think this is a great move from Marvel. I remember as a kid watching The X-Men or Spider-Man cartoons, I used to love when another character would "crossover" and appear in one of the other shows.

Not only is it a good idea that they are linking together the "Marvel universe", but it can only serve as good marketing for any possible spin-offs.

Not only are they going to be getting an Incredible Hulk movie and an Iron Man movie out there, but they're also getting to advertise the other feature right in the middle of the other to their captive audience.

richard, james, others, i think i speak for nerds everywhere when i say that the cinematic possibility of an actual all out battle onscreen between Iron Man and the Hulk is pretty damn bad @$$ed


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