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Pu-239 trailer and behind the scenes

Pu-239.jpgPu-239 has come out of nowhere for me, and yet it has a great premise and a strong cast including Paddy Considine and Radha Mitchell.

The film tells the story of a Russian man who has received a deadly does of radiation poisoning at his work at a nuclear power plant. It was an accident but his work are refusing to compensate his family and so he decides to steal something very valuable from the plant to sell, Plutonium.

Hence the name, Pu-239, the elemental name of weapons grade Plutonium, as it has become known. He steals the element and while he's slowly dying he tries to sell it in order to get enough money for his family to be secure after he's gone, knowing that whoever gets the material may use it to make a bomb which could kill thousands of innocent people.

It's an HBO film and there's a wealth of information on the official site. An interview with the screenwriter and director Scott Z. Burns, with the excellent Paddy Considine and the talented Radha Mitchell, as well as a trailer and an interesting behind the scenes look with words from the stars.

The film looks really interesting and rather scary, presenting an incredible choice to the main character which would seem a no brainer, and yet, in that situation, doesn't seem as clear cut as you might first think.

I'm keen to see this considering the talent involved. You can see the trailer over at the official site in the video section [QT:WMV].



This was made back in 2006 as 'The Half Life of Timofey Berezin'. It's had a US TV showing and get's it's DVD release on March 25th, again in the US. Can't wait to see this/own this. Looks fantastic!

I assumed that it had been released on US TV with the HBO label, but over here in the UK and elsewhere I think we're missing out.

Paddy looks great and i imagine certaion sections will be as, if not more scary than 'Silkwood'. What is it about radiation?

The unseen and unstoppable killer, and the fact that it kills slowly and sometimes on mass. All those aspects are just perfect for Hollywood.

Indeed! Talking of killing on mass, i'm surprised there hasn't been a Chernobyl film before now. At least I've not heard mention of any. You?

That's a great point, there hasn't been one specifically about Chernobyl as yet, and what a topic to cover. You'd expect that with this kind of story they'd be leaping over it.

Is it that perhaps there are so many people still suffering from it and that it is still quite shrouded in mystery and possible danger?

Actually I've just answered why it would definitely make a great film!

It certainly has all the meat for a damn good film having thought about it some more. The reaktor experiment going wrong, the operators struggling to contain it, the fire teams arrive, the evacuation of Pripyat, the soldiers being sent in (kind of like the bottom twitching terror of K-19 when the sailors had to weld inside the reaktor area)amazing potential. I imagine that a fairly substantial proportion of the Ukraine is suffering one way or another from the effects of the accident though I suspect this wouldn't stand as much of an obstacle. Bring it on!
Going off on a slight tangent, the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Shadows of chernobyl would make a hell of a good adaptation as well. Have you come across this?


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