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Quantum of Solace plot secret revealed?

GemmaArterton.jpgRecently Gemma Arterton, one of the new Bond ladies, apparently revealed a major plot point for the new Bond film Quantum of Solace.

I say apparently because to a degree it sounds like a hungry press person eagerly grabbing at a possible story rather than something concrete, still, the rumour is out there.

In an interview Gemma Arterton accidentally said that she had been shooting a scene in a honeymoon suite with Daniel Craig for Quantum of Solace. When the journalist questioned the fact that she had said honeymoon suite, she responded with:

"I think I've said too much"

Now those comments through Digital Spy have been taken to mean that James Bond is getting married in the new film, something I just can't see happening this soon after he's just had his heart broken. I could see it if it's for some cover or he's merely impressing a lady for his own ends, but getting married? That would just mess with the whole plot at this stage.

You see they're trying to build Bond up from the initial stages, so that this is where he's a new 007 agent and Vesper was the woman who broke his heart, turning him against the idea of being in love and having a real, lasting relationship with anyone.

So if he really is getting married in the next film then it would just make a mockery of that fact, especially as this film is to follow on directly from the previous and will have Bond continuing to track down the people behind the organisation involved in the events with Vesper.



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