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Radcliffe to play journalist Dan Eldon

DanielRadcliffe.jpgDaniel Radcliffe is taking stock of those actors who have been typecast time and time again after playing an iconic role, and like Daniel Craig in Bond, he's really trying to find more diverse and different roles to the iconic role of Harry Potter that he could well go through life as being labelled as.

This year he's set to try out another different role, this time as Dan Eldon, the twenty two year old journalist who was stoned to death by a mob in Mogadishu in July 1993.

According to Eldon's mother she has rejected quite a number of bids for the rights to his life story, and turned down such names as Orlando Bloom, Heath Ledger, Ryan Phillippe and Joaquin Phoenix, but it was when she met with Daniel Radcliffe and his parents that changed her mind.

She says through The Guardian:

"There are parallels in the two Dans' lives. Daniel Radcliffe is a poet, he keeps journals and he's half Jewish. He has a puckishness, sense of humour and energy inside him which remind me of Dan...

...Daniel Radcliffe is the first time we've found a young enough actor with a global following. We love the way he's a global soul. He's travelled the world and feels comfortable in the world and hasn't been corrupted by Hollywood."

What's amazing is just how many famous people want to be associated with the project and with the name of Dan Eldon, the article mentions that Madonna, Julia Roberts, Baz Luhrmann, Peter Gabriel, Alanis Morissette, Rosie O'Donnell and Trudie Styler, Sting's wife, have all supported his name and works in some way or another, or have expressed an interest in being involved in the film.

Eldon went to Somalia in 1992 for Reuters and chronicled American and UN troops attempting to help the situation in the country. However on July 12th of the following year he was packed and ready to leave as his replacement had arrived as a house was bombed by UN forces and killed seventy four innocent people with over one hundred injured. Survivors arrived and asked them to come and take pictures and let the outside world know, as they took pictures at the site the crowd took their anger out on them and beat and stoned the photographers, including Eldon, to death.

Eldon had kept many journals and writings throughout his life, and with his pictures, have made for a hope filled and tragic story.

One of those works, The Journey is the Destination (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), has sold over almost hundred thousand copies and will be made into a film, currently being called Journey. It's this film that will star Daniel Radcliffe and is currently to be directed by Bronwen Hughes and adapted by Jan Sardi.

Sardi wrote the screenplay for the very successful and emotional Shine while Hughes is known for Harriet the Spy and Forces of Nature. Now that's an interesting combination of Director and Writer.

For Radcliffe it marks a very serious leap away from Harry Potter, and a very shrewd choice too. This role will have a lot of focus, much like his Equus stage role. He, and his mangement team, really are making sure that he won't remain typecast for the rest of his life.



Hughes is best known for 'Stander', an excelent film. Sandi is a fantastic scritwriter too, he was nominated for an Academy award for 'Shine'. Radcliffe is the most versatile actor of his generation, he has done movies, theater, tv... and he is very good in all of them. The thing I most appreciate is how he is serious about acting, that's not easy to see these days with young actors. I'm looking foward to see this film.
I remember when I first heard about Dan Eldon, back in 1993, wonderful young photographer who had a very tragic death. I have the first of the books that were published about his journals, they are amazing. So with all these things, I think this movie looks fantastic!


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