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Rambo clips online

Rambo.jpgThere are some tremendous Rambo clips online, as well as a few superb television spots. That said the multiple TV spots just seem to cover the same ground again and again, but the tag lines and voice overs are what make it.

“When you're pushed, killin's as easy as breathing.”

There's not much to say other than this looks really strong and I'm very excited for Stallone's next incarnation as the war fearing Rambo.

If you haven't heard the story by now, it doesn't really matter. Rambo is running a boat hire operation near Burma and some aid workers hire a boat to go up river and try to help with the injured and innocent on the border where the fighting is severe.

However they go missing, captured by the enemy, and when their local priest turns up from back home to try and get them freed, Rambo realises he must step up, and he does, bigger and better than ever.

You can see the clips over at Collider [Flash].



Wow! A couple of those clips give us a much harsher Rambo than we are used to. He is a serious bad-ass! My anticipation level and my expectation level for this film have been high and low, respectively. After viewing these clips, both have shot up.

Yeah, I think this really is going to show us the harshness of war devoid of hollywood style. I hope anyway.


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