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Re-Animator sequel still on?

Re-Animator.jpgI'm a little confused. We had heard from Jeffrey Combs, the star of the Re-Animator series, that the sequel just wasn't going to be happening.

However William H. Macy, who was set to play the President in the sequel, has said that it is and that Stuart Gordon is working on it, just slowly. Here's what they've both said.

Back in October Jeffrey Combs said some very negative things about the hope of a sequel:

"I wish I could give you a better prognosis, but that is one of the most-asked questions I've been getting lately, and it's not even close to getting made...Too many people feel the heat, and studios are wary of the subject matter."

Combs revealed that a lot of the problem was that the story took a healthy dig at the current Presidency and that's what was spooking the studio and the financial people behind it.

"The latest idea is too on the nose...A lot of people they took the idea to didn't want to touch it. And, of course, the real power in it would be to get it out before they are out of power...

...My argument is that you can make it a corrupt [presidential] administration, but not necessarily this one, and then it's in Dr. Strangelove territory and the people are not so recognizable…Believe me, I've had this conversation many times with Stuart…

…Melding political humor and reanimation hasn't happened before, so why now all of a sudden is it Michael Moore Meets Re-Animator?...I'm as outraged as the next guy about what's going on in the country, but I think we can be less on-the-nose about it and still make the same points. But Stuart is rather tenacious, so he may still get his way someday."

We heard way back that the film was going to be about the vice president who has a heart attack and Dr Herbert West is taken to the Whitehouse to bring him back to life. Apparently he was the one really running the country, suggesting a few things about the current President perhaps...or any presidency for that matter.

It even had cast William H. Macy to play the President, and then it went quiet.

Now Macy has been speaking about the sequel to ShockTillYouDrop through Sci Fi Wire and says:

"Yeah, I'm still a part of it...Stuart Gordon... he works slowly but surely."

Well that still doesn't sound hugely positive, but at least it's moving slowly forward and that Macy still wants to, and is being held to, the role of the President.

Whenever this film comes I think it will have something to say about the Presidency and power, and it won't matter a jot which President is in power. Perhaps after Bush moves on it will be even easier to get made.



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