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Redford talks Bill Bryson film

RobertRedford.jpgRobert Redford has been talking about his next film, which we knew was going to be an adaptation of Bill Bryson's novel A Walk in the Woods (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), but back early last year the word was that Christopher Columbus was set to direct, you know the guy who directed Home Alone. Now that just didn't sit right.

Robert Redford has finally been talking about the project and he reveals that he is indeed going to make the film next, but he doesn't specifically say who is directing, or if he's going to be joined by his old time partner, Paul Newman.

The story from Associated Press through Topix though reveals that Barry Levinson is expected to direct. Now that's much more like it.

What I want to know though is if Newman will be teaming up with him again. Now that would be an iconic moment. As long as they had the film to back them up of course.



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