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Ridley Scott to film Reagan and Gorbachev

Reagan-Gorbachev.jpgRidley Scott looks set to film The Reykjavik Summit, the monumental moment in history when Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev that led to the end of the Cold War and the Nuclear Arms Treaty that saw the reduction and decommissioning in nuclear missiles on both sides.

This film may suddenly sound like all politics and history without any fun, but think about the hugely successful play Frost/Nixon that is going to hit screens, and is likely to be as tense and as powerful.

According to Ken Adelman, the producer and arms control expert to Reagan himself:

"This was great drama, great history and two great characters."

Comes the quote from the Washington Post through CHUD. The Post also has an interesting take on what the film could present as Adelman described the events:

"...recalls scenes of Reagan and Gorby going mano a mano, negotiating teams pulling all-nighters in the haunted Hofti House (the CIA and KGB sharing basement space), U.S. and Soviet officers clutching their nuclear footballs on the sidelines."

Now think about that coming to the screens and how it would be showing one of the decisive moments in recent history. I think this could make for a great film, especially if Ridley Scott is directing.

The film would be rather timely, just as relations between Russia and the west grow chilled and such events as the Russian nuclear bomber flights into UK airspace have resumed and the U.S. angers Russia with threats of a missile system on its doorstep - remember Cuba anyone?

This really could be a powerful film with a strong message. Yet there remains a big question though, who would play the two historic leaders?



Here's an idea, maybe Ridley Scott can get Peter Morgan to spin him a good story?

i actually have fond memories of this meeting, because the week of it, i was asked by my teacher to write an article for my school newspaper. Well, being of a political mind, even then, i wrote about the summit.

well, everyone else at the school wrote about school stuff...fund raisers, teachers being laid off, trips that the science class took...it was really quite embarrasing to see my lone story of world politics amongst these stories. I was the laughing stock of the school for some time, and my incredibly high I.Q. , worldliness and drive to succeed was mistaken for weakness.

...did i say mistaken...?

I always knew you were geeky! >Just kidding

Mogulus says, my incredibly high I.Q., worldliness and drive to succeed was mistaken for weakness.

Of course now you know that it isn't? I wonder what your other schoolmates are up to now?

---It's 2010

-can someone PLEASE e-mail Ridley Scott a clue?


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