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RKO signs with Writers Guild

Book.jpgSo another studio signs an interim deal with the Writers Guild, and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers must now be starting to worry. If these studios that have signed deals already are happy to give the writers better deals for new media channels such as the internet, why aren't the AMPTP?

Well the answer is clear, the ones holding back are the ones making the most from these channels and have the most to lose should the writers get a better deal.

Now RKO has signed up with the Writers Guild on an interim agreement which will ensure that their projects can continue and they can make films.

According to the story from the Hollywood Reporter through Yahoo News, the deal was as smooth as anything. That now makes the list of studios signed up with the Writers Guild rather surprising, including names such as Lionsgate, Marvel Studios, The Weinstein Co., United Artists, Spyglass Entertainment, Mandate Films and Worldwide Pants. That's an impressive list of studios to be waving in the face of the AMPTP.

How long can they keep holding out?



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