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Schreiber changing roles in Wolverine?

Wolverine.jpgThere are various casting rumours out about X-Men Origins: Wolverine (as if we didn't know what series the character was from), and there are various big names being banded around by inside sources.

The biggest one appears to be for Liev Schreiber who everyone thought was going to be playing a young Stryker, the character played by the excellent Brian Cox in the X-Men series. However this may not be true.

According to the sources and their rumours, Liev Schreiber is actually going to be playing Victor Creed aka Sabretooth, a man with similar powers to Wolverine but not as happy go lucky.

So who would be playing Stryker? Well according to the source at CHUD through Superhero Hype, it's none other than Dexter aka Michael C. Hall, well, he's in talks, and Michelle Monaghan is being looked at for Silverfox – there's something to say there, but I shan't!

If this is the casting list for the film then it's looking pretty good, Schreiber would be good in either role let's face it, and with Gavin Hood the director of the excellent Tsotsi (Filmstalker review) in charge I think we might be in for something a little different to what might be expected.

How we need them to be cut some slack by the studio, because looking at that list it isn't your average superhero film.



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