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Secret image hidden in Star Trek site

StarTrek_Poster.jpgI just caught the new Star Trek site this morning and ran it up in my browser. The repeated shots of the welders working are cool, and the idea that each time you refresh a different camera goes out and you have to readjust the sliders to get a decent picture is also cool.

However while I get the stories written for the morning I let the sites I'm writing about run in the background, and that's when I caught a strange sound and a hidden image.

I suddenly heard a sound in the background, just above the low hiss and hum of the screens, and as I turned to look I saw the out of focus and hazy image of what looked to be the internal corridors of the NCC 1701, U.S.S. Enterprise.

The image only stays there for a moment, and it is rather hazy to see. It also appears to be a little random in displaying so you have to have some time on your hands and be doing something else at the computer, but it is most definitely there. I wonder if there's anything else hidden in that Star Trek site?

You can see for yourself by heading over to the new site for Star Trek through JustPressPlay which gives you four cameras focused on the welders working on the Enterprise. You have to adjust the sliders and get them in focus, and one camera is always out, but it is rather nicely done.

I have no idea what the rule is for getting the image to appear on the Star Trek site, I really caught it by complete accident, it might actually be your first time view because the current refresh I've tried isn't bringing anything up - if anyone figures out how to make that hidden image appear then post a comment to let others know.



we saw the preview last night at cloverfield. awesome. i think my wife is more enthusiastic about it than i am!


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