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Update: Shutter trailer online...but only for the U.S.

Shutter.jpgThere's a trailer online for Shutter, well it is if you're over in the U.S. because otherwise the trailer is restricted to everyone else.

Shutter is the story of a young couple who start to see ghostly figures in their photographs while on their honeymoon.

Starring Joshua Jackson and Rachael Taylor, this Shutter is a remake of the Hong Kong film Shutter.

I've seen the original, and while it carries a few flaws, it also pulls in some strong and very scary moments. I'm actually hopeful for the remake, especially since the Japanese Director Masayuki Ochiai. Perhaps there's something here that's more than the average remake.

Have a look at the trailer and see what you think. Well, if MTV Movies Blog would let those of us outside the U.S.:

You know I really hate the way that MTV restricts all their video content to the U.S. and anyone outside can't see it. I don't get that, the film has to be marketed around the world and MTV go for a global audience, so what the problem? Well they'll tell you it's licencing restrictions and what not, well they're the only site I've seen that pull that one.

Anyway, since I'm not over there, why don't you have a look and tell the small few of the film audience outside the U.S. what the trailer is like.

Thanks to MaceWinduCleaner we have the trailer from YouTube now for all to see. Cheers for that Mace!




Cheers for that Mace, really nice trailer, although it does end a little abruptly.

It was all creepy and mysterious and then they started to show the ghost in full on human mode and with that tongue scene it started to lose its impact for me.

Boss I've had my fair share of horror this weekend - 'Rec', 'Black Water' and 'The Orphanage'. Was nice to see a film where there wasn't a small Japanese child moving like she was on some jumped up VCR for a change.

Oooh! What did you think of REC?


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