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Singer on Superman sequel

SupermanReturns_Poster.jpgWe all make mistakes, but this time it wasn't me, looks like it was everyone else. While everyone was screaming about the Variety article which they thought said Bryan Singer and Brandon Routh were out of the Superman Returns sequel I was reading it.

Now there's a little more information appearing on the Superman Returns (Filmstalker review) sequel and we're hearing that Bryan Singer will be returning as director.

I'm convinced it's only a matter of time before the realisation is that Brandon Routh isn't out of the sequel just yet either.

You see the source of the internet craziness over this was an article that I wrote about which quite plainly said that Singer might be busy on other projects and Routh would not be playing Superman in the next outing of the character which was Justice League of America.

However this was taken by everyone to mean that Routh was not going to be playing Superman in the Superman Returns sequel and that Bryan Singer was not directing.

Well, that was a leap and a half. First it was quite clear that Routh was not playing Superman in Justice League, and that's all the article said. Secondly the article theorised about Singer's workload and that could mean he would be busy for the sequel, it didn't mention that the studio had already said the Superman Returns sequel would be after Justice League, nor that with the writer strike and the proposed release of Justice League that Singer would most likely be clear of his projects anyway.

So suddenly Routh and Singer were out. Well not according to my reading of it, and on the first point it seems I was spot on.

According to Variety through Superhero Hype today Anne Thompson, who wrote the original Variety blog article, says:

“After "Superman Returns" delivered a disappointing box office take of $386 million worldwide, Warner Bros. and Singer debated how to proceed with the next "Superman" pic. The studio even considered rebooting the franchise with someone else.

But eventually WB execs Alan Horn and Jeff Robinov agreed to proceed with Singer at the helm of a $170 million "Man of Steel" packed with more action, a super-powered villain and less romantic melodrama. Before Singer started production on UA's "Valkyrie," WB and co-financier Legendary Pictures closed a deal for him to produce and direct "Superman: Man of Steel."”

However there is a caveat, and a rumoured inside source comment:

“...inside the studio, "Superman" is not on any fast track, and word is that Singer may wind up not directing it.”

Well that's total rumour, and I really don't believe it could be decided right now. There's no script, no schedule, nothing. We'll see when they get some new scriptwriters and a new script after the strike.

They have hit the nail on the head though, well done studio for a change, the problem with the first film was the over reliance on the romantic melodrama – for me that was the child Superman story, something they're going to have real problems writing out for the next one.

I think we'll see Singer on the project and Brandon Routh back in the hotseat.



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