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Sister's remake trailer

BrianDePalma.jpgI posted a trailer for this film before, unfortunately it's no longer being displayed online, so I'll update it with this one which looks as though it's from the seventies when the the Brian DePalma original Sisters was made.

This remake sees Stephen Rea and Chloë Sevigny star in a film that sees two Siamese twins who are separated with one being forced to live a sheltered life under the strict monitoring of a very controlling psychiatrist.

It hasn't been getting great reviews, and perhaps the trailer tells you a little of the reason why. It has that seventies feel to it and it does see a little B-movie-esque.

The trailer is over at Fangoria [Flash] through AITH. After seeing it I'm not really grabbed or even nudged enough to want to watch it, what about you?



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