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Sleepwalking trailer with Theron and Stahl

CharlizeTheron.jpgI'm rather surprised that I hadn't heard anything about this film, after all starring Charlize Theron, Nick Stahl, Dennis Hopper and Woody Harrelson it might catch your eye, but then when you watch it I'm thinking weekday afternoon true story television film.

It doesn't look great at all and just seems to tick all the usual boxes throughout. Have a look and see what you think.

It also stars Deborra-Lee Furness, last seen in Jindabyne (Filmstalker review), and the young talent of AnnaSophia Robb. The story sees a man having to look after his sister's daughter when she seemingly abandons her with him. At first he's distant and complacent and he decides to take off to his dad's farm, on the journey they grow closer and when they arrive at the farm he has his past and his father to deal with.

Yeah, it does sound like the normal stuff really, there's nothing that stands out when you watch it apart from the faces of the stars.



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