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Snow Angels trailer looks powerful

KateBeckinsale.jpgThe trailer for Snow Angels is online and it looks really powerful as well as a tough emotional journey.

It also looks good for Sam Rockwell who I think is often in roles that really don't stretch him. This looks like it could.

The film is based on the novel by Stewart O'Nan (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) which tells the story of Arty Parkinson returning to his hometown of Butler, Pennsylvania one Christmas. There he has to deal with two big events from his past, when he turned fifteen his family fell apart.

It stars Michael Angarano, Kate Beckinsale, Sam Rockwell, and the trailer does look rather harrowing, but promises some great performances too, especially from these three. It'll be great to see Rockwell in such a powerful role, and even better that Beckinsale is going to show us her acting talents over being dressed in tight black leather.

The trailer is on YouTube found through Empire.



You're right - it does look very grim.

*possible spoiler?*





I checked out the blurb for the book on amazon and noticed that one of the big events is the death of one of the characters we saw in the trailer. Its on the amazon.com link if people want to know. I was suprised though as I thought it would be someone else judging from the trailer. However the movie might end up being quite different from the book, I haven't been able to confirm this anywhere yet.

Interesting you should say this Michelle, I was thinking that when I was writing about the storyline from the Amazon blurb, and actually I made sure that I didn't mention it.

What I forgot to mention though was that could be a spoiler through there.

Yes, from the looks of the trailer they might be building this up as a bit of a surprise moment. Sorry if I inadvertantly spoiled that.

Thats ok Richard it didn't spoil it for me, I often tend to check out the book description/reviews first if there is a movie adaptation coming out. It'll be on my watch list when it's released.


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