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Spiral trailer online

JoelMoore.jpgThe trailer for Spiral has appeared online and it's pretty damn creepy. Joel Moore plays a strange, reclusive character who is a telemarketer by day and his only relationship is the dysfunctional one he has with his boss.

One day a young co-worker enters his life and befriends him, and as they grow closer he begins sketching her, but as he does so strange voices from his past return to haunt him.

Spiral sounds creepy just from hearing that alone, but watching the trailer is ever so much better, or worse. However you want to look at it this is a pretty solid trailer, and it has Amber Tamblyn and Tricia Helfer, so I'm already in.

Oh of course it leads with Joel Moore who looks pretty creepy before the film even starts.

You can see the trailer over at Yahoo Movies [Flash] through AITH. Great little find as I hadn't been taking any notice of this film, I am now though.

The film is co-written and co-directed by Joel Moore himself with his co-writer being Jeremy Danial Boreing and his co-director Adam Green who just directed Hatchet.



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