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Stalked: Casting Elm Street, Young Kirk, Claire Danes, Destro and Gerard Butler

FreddyKruger.jpgRobert Englund may well reprise his role as Freddy Krueger, there's a young Captain Kirk cast in the form of Jimmy Bennet.

Beautiful Claire Danes is to join Me and Orson Welles.

Destro from G.I. Joe has been cast and that's going to be David Murray.

Finally Gerard Butler has chosen his next project while he's busy filming in Mexico.

Clint over at Moviehole through HorrorMovies.ca is saying that Robert Englund has been contacted about reprising his role as the nail biting Freddy Krueger. I really can't see them continuing the series without him...no, scratch that, I really can see them doing it, after all they are remaking all the great horror films and recasting them, updating them, and losing everything that was great about them, so why wouldn't they? What do you think? Englund back as the character or is there a way they can recast easily?

Jimmy Bennett is the young, young James T. Kirk for J.J. Abrams Star Trek, and when I say young I mean a mere twelve years old. The news comes from ComingSoon through IESB. This definitely shows us that we'll be looking at multiple timelines in the film.

IESB has the news that Destro has been cast in the film version of the rubber and ink characters of G.I. Joe and it's David Murray. Who's he? Well they have the information that he's a theatre actor and he's also had a few small roles in King Arthur and Batman Begins:

"...a cross between Alan Rickman and Clive Owen. A strong, good-looking dark haired actor, it is said he can pull off the 'aristocratic snob' perfectly."

Shame, we had heard that it was going to be Dominic West, however I have no idea about Murray, so maybe he's a good choice. However to be fair I really don't care since it's G.I. Joe.

Claire Danes is set to join the cast of Me and Orson Welles from Richard Linklater which tells the story of a young man who was pulled into the Mercury Theatre that Orson Welles began in 1937. Zac Efron is playing that young man and the stunningly gorgeous Claire Danes is to play the woman he falls in love with. The story comes from Empire.

Finally, Gerard Butler, who is currently filming Game, has signed up for a rather odd sounding film with Katherine Heigel called The Ugly Truth. According to Variety through ComingSoon the film has Katherine Heigel playing a morning television show producer who struggles with romance in her life and gets dragged into a series of tests set up by the show's chauvinistic correspondent played by Gerard Butler, to prove that he's right about relationships and to find her love.



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