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Stalked: Casting for Tekken, Wonder Woman, Orson Welles, Milk

Tekken.jpgThere's a list of casting updates for various films over the last couple of days. There's the new Tekken film that has some surprise announcements in the cast, there's a confirmation from the woman that has the role of Wonder Woman in the Justice League of America film (maybe), a film about Orson Welles has an announced cast, and there's word on who could be playing Silver Fox in Wolverine.

IESB has the news that Michelle Monaghan is indeed being considered for the role of Silver Fox in the Wolverine film, or rather X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Megan Gale has confirmed to Moviehole that she is indeed going to play Wonder Woman in the Justice League of America film...that is if it does get made later this year, or at all.

IESB has the confirmation of the Tekken cast. Jon Foo, Sienna Guillory, Susie Amy, Andy Serkis, Chiaki Kuriyama, Nathan Jones and Takeshi Kaneshiro - Andy Serkis? Who's he playing then? I have to say this is a surprisingly strong cast.

Diego Luna is set to star in the Gus Van Sant film Milk with Sean Penn playing the murdered San Francisco politician Harvey Milk. According to Latino Review he's set to play Jack Lira who was a supporter and lover of Milk.

Zac Efron is to star in Orson, a film from Richard Linklater which tells the story of a high school student who gets noticed by Orson Welles while he is working at opening his Mercury Theatre. He lands a part in his film Julius Ceaser and begins to learn about life. The news comes from Reuters.



When it comes to Serkis in Tekken - my bet is on him picking up a samurai sword as Yoshimitsu, the alien robot space pirate - you know how he is when it comes to creature characters and such.

Yes that's what I thought...but I couldn't really think of the characters names since I'm not a Tekken fan!

Isn't there one with a lions head?


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