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Stalked: Dark Knight and Hancock images

Hancock.jpgSome images for both Hancock and The Dark Knight have appeared online, and while neither are earth shattering, both do show some never before seen moments. In particular we see the costumes of both superheroes.

Christian Bale is seen standing in front of his cool new Batman outfit as well as crouching atop a police car in full outfit, and Will Smith is seen in his brand spanking new shiny outfit for the superhero film Hancock.

You can see the photos for The Dark Knight over at Superhero Hype with the Hancock photos appearing on the same site from Cine21.

I suspect that the Hancock images come from later on in the film, once the hero has had his image remade by the PR Executive whose life he saved.

As for The Dark Knight photos, well his suit looks cool, but there's nothing really new here.



I think I prefer the Batsuit from Batman Begins. It was simple and worked incredibly well, whereas this one seems a little too "busy". I hope they don't go down the route of changing his suit in every installment like the previous four Burton / Schumacher outings.

Although that said, as long as they stay away from nipples I'm sure I can deal with it!


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