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Stalked: G.I. Joe and Star Trek casting

ChanningTatum.jpgChanning Tatum has signed for G.I. Joe and Marlene Forte has signed for Star Trek. That's really all there is to say.

Marlene Forte is to play the role of Chief Transporter while Channing Tatum will be playing Duke in the action figure/cartoon based film.

Personally I can't see G.I. Joe doing well outside the US, but maybe I'm wrong, it does have a surprisingly strong cast with names such as Sienna Miller, Rachel Nichols and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The latest casting news of Channing Tatum comes from AICN through Empire.

As for the Star Trek casting news from Variety through Latino Review, well I find myself wondering so what? It's not really that interesting on its own and does the fact that there's a Chief Transporter tell us anything about the film? The marketing for this film is proving to be far too easy for these guys!



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