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Stalked: Jennifer's Body not horror and Kidman career over?

NicoleKidman.jpgI'm a little confused regarding Diablo Cody's new script, Jennifer's Body and whether it's going to be a horror or not, as are Fox Atomic.

Meanwhile Nicole Kidman leaves her latest film as she's pregnant -woohoo her - except does that mean she's holding onto her promise and winding down her acting career?

Nicole Kidman has announced that she's pregnant and pulled out of The Reader (some might think that's a bit late!), is this the end of her career as she warned might happen as she turns to her family? What of Need and The Lady from Shanghai which are also on her schedule? Variety through Coming Soon has the news.

Karyn Kusama is to direct Diablo Cody's, the writer of Juno, next script, that of Jennifer's Body. The interesting thing is that Cody has been talking about how she, and the Juno character, love horror and wanted to do a horror film, yet the official Fox Atomic announcement through Variety about the film tells us that it's a "quirky comedic thriller". Who's right? Are Fox Atomic still a little scared after their failures in teen horror, most recently with Paradise Lost aka Turistas?

The film stars Megan Fox as cheerleader who becomes possessed and starts killing the young men of town who are sexually attracted to her. What a shame for them.



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