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Stalked: Julianne Moore and Choi Min-shik

Choi Min-shik, of Oldboy fame, is set to star in Jeon Soo-il's latest film which is simply called Himalayas Project at the moment, while Julianne Moore is joining a secretive supernatural horror film called Shelter.

Shelter is based on a script by Michael Cooney who wrote Identity, a rather clever film, and will be directed by Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein who directed Storm, according to Variety.

The Himalayas Project has a little more information over the fact that Choi Min-shik is starring and Jeon Soo-il is directing. Variety tells us that it will be shot in Nepal on location and the film will be about a Korean company director taking the remains of a migrant worker to his family in the Himalayas.



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