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Stalked: Keitel and Scorsese team up for Chaos, Argento goes English

MartinScorsese.jpgHarvey Keitel and Martin Scorsese are teaming up together again, this time there's love involved...in the story anyway.

Also, Dario Argento is going to work on a new horror film, and this one's in English, and surprise surpise features Asia Argento, it also features Ray Liotta and Vinvent Gallo.

Harvey Keitel and Martin Scorsese are to work together on the film Chaos. Daphna Kastner who wrote the screenplay for the film is also directing. Keitel will be a producer with Scorsese executive producing, the two have previously worked together in films such as Mean Streets and Taxi Driver. Chaos is set in New York and follows the lives of two lovelorn people who paths always seem to cross.

The news comes from Variety of Keitel and Scorsese's involvement. Hopefully it bodes well that the person who wrote the screenplay will be directing the film. Having written, directed and acted in Spanish Fly, Kastner is used to multi tasking.

Dario Argento who brought us Mother of Tears is to make an English language film. Argento will direct Giallo, which will star his daughter Asia and one of my favourite actors Ray Liotta. Vincent Gallo will be playing a serial killer with women as his target, and Liotta will play a detective hunting him down.The Hollywood Reporter bring us the news of Argento's future project.



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