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Stalked: New Nightmare on Elm Street, Doomsday release, Zodiac online, Kung Fu remake

There's a rumour about that there's going to be a new Nightmare on Elm Street episode in the franchise, however there's no clarification on whether it's a remake or a genuinely new episode. From AITH.

Neil Marshall has confirmed a US release date of March 14th for Doomsday.

Casting began in October for Kung Fu, the film version of the David Carradine starring television series, and the news stories go as far back as May 2006. Now we're hearing from AP through Canoe that the casting is down to seven people and it will be less zen contemplation and more action, faster and edgier. Oh well, nothing like the original then?

Finally HorrorMovies has the story that some of the Zodiac DVD extras are now online.



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