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Stalked: Penelope Cruz and Ken Watanabe

gunieapig.jpgA couple of casting tidbits for you. Penelope Cruz and Ken Watanabe have both signed up for new projects, Cruz is to join the cast of G-Force as the voice of a guinea pig and Watanabe will be starring in Cirque du Freak.

Penelope Cruz will provide the voice of Juarez the guinea pig in G-Force. The plot revolves around a squad of specially trained guinea pigs (yes guinea pigs) who are given the task of stopping a crazed billionaire taking over the world. Also providing voices will be Nicolas Cage and Steve Buscemi.Coming Soon has the news of her new project through The Hollywood Reporter. The special effects should be something else as Hoyt Yeatman is directing, he has previously won an Oscar for his visual effects work on The Abyss.

Variety reports that Ken Watanabe will be joining John C. Reilly and Salma Hayek in Cirque du Freak. It is the first of twelve books in the children's series. The series follows the struggles of a boy who becomes involved in the world of vampires, and also in their fight against their enemies the Vampaneze.



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