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Stalked: Star Trek and Doomsday sites updated, Gellar's Alice, Olyphant's Getaway

SarahMichelleGellar.jpgTimothy Olyphant is to star in another action thriller, this one's called Perfect Getaway, Sarah Michelle Gellar is still playing Alice, and both the Doomsday and Star Trek site have been updated.

Well actually the Doomsday site has been updated and the Star Trek site is new. Got that?

First up, Sarah Michelle Gellar is still set to play Alice in a film adaptation of the strange and rather twisted videogame version of Alice in Wonderland. The story comes from Radio Free through Coming Soon.

She says that she's still doing the more adult version and that it really is a passion project for her, it's just been badly hit by a regime change at the studio, but that she'll do everything she can to get it made.

Timothy Olyphant is to star in A Perfect Getaway which will be directed by David Twohy who is directing from his own screenplay about a newly wed couple who meet two strange killers according to Variety. Twohy wrote and directed Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick.

Thanks to AITH for the heads up, Doomsday has updated its site with the new trailer and some photos, although there's nothing much else there as yet.

IESB tells us that the Star Trek film site is online, and while there's nothing to see here yet, you can sign up for updates and we're promised Forums and there's a nice glossy Star Fleet badge.



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