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Stalked: Winslet replaces Kidman; Sydow, Poslethwaite in Solomon Kane; Rambo score online

KateWinslet.jpgKate Winslet has replaced Nicole Kidman in The Reader after Kidman left to concentrate on having a baby.

Max Von Sydow and Pete Postlethwaite are on board the sixteenth century film Solomon Kane.

Finally, the score for the new Rambo film is online to listen to, and you can even buy it.

Interestingly, according to Variety, Kate Winslet was the first choice for this role but had to drop out because of scheduling conflicts with Revolutionary Road, now though she's back in and the film remains on schedule. The Reader tells the story of a teenager who falls in love with an older woman in postwar Germany, and who wouldn't for the gorgeous Winslet?

Max Von Sydow and Pete Postlethwaite are joining James Purefoy, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Alice Krige and Mackenzie Crook in Solomon Kane. The film is expected to be a trilogy (another for Crook, this time without a wooden eye) about a sixteenth century soldier who is tormented by the evil acts of his past, according to Variety. He seeks redemption by battling a strange power that is threatening the kingdom and is adapted from the novel of Robert E. Howard, the author of Conan.

The Rambo score is being teased online from the composer himself on his MyMarketingSpace page, and you can even buy it from Amazon.com should you desire. The story comes through Rope of Silicon.



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