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Stalker's Poll: Do you want Arnie back?

Arnie.jpgI'm a big Arnold Schwarzenegger fan and would love to see him back on the big screen in an action role, after all if Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis can do it, can't the big man?

So the last poll ran with the question, "Do you want Arnie back?", and your answers have come in.

With the news from his political office that it looks like he's done with film and now he's enquiring around Hollywood for scripts and opportunities, I think it's fair to say he's going to come back, again. What do you think though?

53% - Yes, and I want him in Terminator!
20% - No, he's too old
13% - No, I never liked his films
7% - Yes
3% - Other: "I weet er niksvan"
3% - Other: "If he doesnt have the physique, what does he have???"

Well a surprising number of you don't like his films, any of them. Does that mean Predator and Terminator alike? Even True Lies? Those are my favourite Arnie films, however that's how you voted.

Another shock is that the second highest answer was that he's too old. So does that mean those people also think Stallone and Willis are too old? Is he too old for action films then?

Finally, the winning answer is that he should come back, and that he should appear in the new Terminator franchise. I'm going to instantly qualify that for everyone though and say that only if the franchise is good, and not designed to make a mockery of the Terminator characters as the third film did.

It's an interesting point in the Other answers though, what about his physique, could he still do it? Well recent pictures show him back to a slimmer self than we saw when he was in full politician mode. Perhaps he's getting ready for the comeback?



I'd love to have Arnie back on the big screen.

He's not the greatest actor of all time and has made some poor movies in his time, but he has that larger-than-life persona that I used to love as a kid. He embodies almost everything that people associate with a "big Hollywood star".

Some of my favourite Arnie movies are:

The Terminator
Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Total Recall
Conan The Barbarian
True Lies
The Running Man
Kindergarten Cop

Arnie will need at least a year after leaving office to regain enough of his physique to appear credibly on the screen. Having said this, if he gets a couple of good roles, I think he will make an huge splash at the box office.

In addition to the movies mentioned above, I loved Commando because, while is was far from a great film, it was the best of his movies for one-liners. "I let him go."

I also loved Twins with Danny DeVito.

Have you seen him lately Conibear? I saw a candid shot and that politician's tummy was gone and the stature was there. I don't think he'd need a year.

James, spot on. That's how I feel, he's that traditional Hollywood star and he's so engaging on screen.

Predator has to be my favourite.

If you were to cast a serious critical eye over Commando, there's no doubt that it would certainly not be classed as a "great film", but it's one of them classic "only-in-the-80's" action movies that is great fun to watch.

"Let off some steam, Bennett!"

I would love to see him in an all-out action film alongside Willis and Stallone. That'd be every action movie junky's dream!

nothing wrong with terminator, and in my opinion, terminator 3 was better than the first one, and it starred quite an aged Arnie, so he can still pull it off.

jeeze. i still can't believe he's a governor. it's like a cruel joke played on me by the entire state of California.

well, at any rate, most of his movies have alot of heart, especially "last action hero" which most people think to be his worst movie ( i loved it ).

here's hoping he returns.

Oh I did like Last Action Hero, that was a much maligned film.

Really glad you did this poll Richard. I for one want Arnold back to silver screen, because I've only ever seen his movies twice at the cinema (due to not being old enough, although I saw T3 at least two times (I was old enough as it was a 12A!!!) and because he makes some pretty decent entertaining movies. With the most of Arnold's best movies being done in the 80s and early 90s it seems like enough time has past for a good old fashioned Arnie movie to be back. What with comebacks being all the range lately...

Lots of love for Arnie here! Wow!


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