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Stalker's Top Ten: Ramchandra (non-Hindi)

10FSReel.jpgThe Filmstalker Top Ten lists for 2007 takes another visit from Ramchandra who turns from Bollywood for a moment to give us his list of favourite mainstream films for the year.

Now I'm sure that some of you might disagree with a few choices, so wade in there and say why, and then think if you might be better writing your own list. If so drop me an email with them, what name you want to go by, and a link back.

Here's Ramchandra's second Top Ten Lists, and if you want to look at the other lists that have been sent in, then just head to the Stalker's Top Ten section.

Here's a quick skim of the 'Non-Hindi' films that left a positive impact with me in 2007 .. as with before, by no means are these the most successful or the best, it's entirely based on 'my' preference .. well here goes ..

28 Weeks Later - Not being a fan of horror, this still had be engaged, more so than its predecessor.
The Bourne Ultimatum - Without a doubt, best of the trilogy, also holds up as a standalone film.
Die Hard 4.0 - Bruce Willis shows the rookies how it's done, yet again. Fun flick.
Mr. Brooks - Kevin Costner as a calculating killer. He does it so well, who knew he had it in him?
The Number 23 - Fed that number freak in me. The detective novel feel too was welcome.
Rocky Balboa - Finally the Rocky franchise culminates respectfully. It's the way it should end.
Shoot 'em Up - Mindless shootout after shootout after shootout, literally.
Smokin' Aces - Has grown on me after repeat viewings & readings of the script.
Superbad - A genuinely mature film with the immature humour, tough to accomplish, but done.
Waitress- The charming film that had me craving more. Awaiting the DVD!!

A couple of International films I feel I should mention: Hors De Prix (Priceless) and Fong Juk (Exiled) The latter is available on DVD, the former I'm looking for, so let me know if you find it.

Thanks Ramchandra, so fellow stalkers, what do you think?



Nice list. And thanks for reminding me about "mr brooks" because for the life of me i couldn't remember the name of this movie when I was at the local blockbuster, so I couldn't even see when it was due out, if it was out, and if it was available.

gosh, everyone's saying Die Hard 4 rocks. I'm a biggggg die hard fan, so you can imagine my glee at the fact that i have soemthing big to look forward to.

Oh Mogulus, Die Hard 4.0 does rock, I was so surprised at how good it was and how well it kept the character but also aged him. Wonderfully done, if they hadn't done the overly protective cutting it might have been nigh on perfect for a Die Hard film.

Agree about the cutting Richard. Although does the "unrated" DVD release have all the swearing, etc, intact? I picked it up but haven't quite got around to watching it yet.

Apparently it does, the two disc edition is the one that has the full film. The review copy I got had the wrong version of the film in with it so I can't really say how different it is.

From your list Ram, I also really wanted to see Waitress and okay, maybe Mr. Brooks.


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