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Stallone says Rambo and Rocky are dead

Stallone.jpgSylvester Stallone has finally put those rumours to rest and shown Harvey Weinstein that if he wants another instalment of Rambo that he's just going to have to recast the lead and get a new writer.

Stallone revealed to reporters that these are the cinematic ends for both his famous characters, and that Rambo will not be returning.

"This is the last Rambo just as Rocky Balboa is the last Rocky...I can't go any further. It was a miracle that it even got done."

Well that's direct from Sylvester Stallone himself through The Guardian - thanks to Ramchandra for popping it on Filmstalker Readers.

So if this really is the last outing for the character, what's Harvey Weinstein been hinting at when he says that he has an idea for the next Rambo and that it will bring him back to the U.S.?

Actually considering that Stallone wrote the Rambo films, and that he's previously talked about how many story ideas and offers he turned down before this one, I don't think he'd necessarily accept Weinstein's idea.

So does this mean that Weinstein could be considering a sequel without the big man?



is another version of rambo (rambo 5) is going to release.
there r rumours that he is dead and his roles are performed by impersonators. is it correct ?????????

I haven't heard anything about another version, not even during the production. In fact the script for the next one is being worked on right now, and Rambo is alive and well in the U.S.


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