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Stallone talks Death Wish

Stallone.jpgSylvester Stallone has been talking about his remake of Death Wish, you know that seemingly never ending series of films that saw Charles Bronson take the law into his own hands and deliver his own brand of justice.

While he's talking about a remake he's got some really interesting things to talk about regards the story, the story that he's writing, the lead that he's playing and the film that he's directing.

Remakes have been made a very dirty word in Hollywood because a remake usually means any mixture of the following:

Scene by scene copy; Cheaper; Dumbed down script; Watered down message/violence; Lesser actors; Nothing new; Money earner...

There are more, and I'm sure you can think of some. Of course there are some that have worked out and a few that have even been better than their originals, but for the most part they're rubbish.

However, some of those that make it have something about them, and one of those things is that the original story is still very relevant, if not more so, but that the film itself is outdated, and that's Death Wish. Sylvester Stallone agrees:

"I think Death Wish, if it were done today, would be volcanic"

I guess that's why he's writing, directing and starring the remake. Now the general audience member might not be so taken with it since they'll be thinking Rambo and Rocky. Well I'm not ashamed to harp on again about Cop Land and remind everyone just how good he was there.

Stallone thinks that the original idea is quite simplistic and that the modern version could do with updating, and his ideas through Moviehole sound really strong:

"The idea of Jeff Goldblum being a mugger who breaks into an apartment is very simplistic. It gives you an idea how bad the elevation of violence has become. I would focus on defense attorneys, I would focus on [the people] allowing this crap to happen -- not so much the guy on the street. It's like, 'Who permits it?'

What if it happened to you, that your daughter was grabbed and her eyes were put out? Would you want to sit there and defend that guy?...

...Now you've unleashed a man who really understands the world of violence...He isn't burdened with this passive-aggressive, conscientious-objector kind of thing. That's been done. It's like what happens when the wolf has gone from wolf to wolf in sheep's clothing back to the wolf. Now the fellow on the street has a problem because he knows how to deal with that kind of mentality because he was a prisoner."

Now I don't know about you but that really has me interested. Sure it's a little vague, but the direction he's heading with the story sounds more like The Star Chamber (another film going for a remake) than Death Wish, and combining those ideas sounds strong indeed.



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