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Star Trek teaser in High Definition

StarTrekXI_Logo.jpgWe have seen the teaser for J.J. Abrams Star Trek already but it is now available in High Definition so I thought it was worth posting it again. It definitely had a bigger impression on me in this format.

You can see it here at Yahoo! Movies. It starts to play in a lower format but the links for HD are on the right.



Louise, great catch in my absence, and thanks for covering, you're a real pal.

Oh boy that looks startlingly good. It has me hooked.

It certainly looks much better in HD than some pirated YouTube stream. I was a pretty big "Trekkie" in my much younger days, but have since moved away from the franchise completely.

I still regard The Undiscovered Country as a fine movie - Star Trek or not - but can Abrams do enough to make this appeal to a wider audience than just the die-hard Star Trek fan base? I'm not so sure....

I'm more of a fan of the spin off TV series like Voyager, when it used to be on. The idea of going back to the beginning of space exploration
interests me, but having not seen all the Star Trek movies I'm hoping it doesn't rely on being a die hard fan.

Oh James. Undiscovered Country is the best Star Trek film in my mind. Superb movie.

Yeah, well said Louise. I think going back to the source by definition should mean it'll easily appeal to non-fans though.

I would have loved them to concentrate more and invest a little bit extra in Enterprise. I did think that was going somewhere good.


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