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Update: Star Trek teaser trailer online

StarTrek_Poster.jpgJ. J. Abram's Star Trek teaser has appeared online, and while it's all too short, when that music kicks in you can't help but raise a little smile.

Perhaps not as much as I did with Superman, but the smile is there none the less. Come and watch it before it gets taken down.

Update:The trailer is now right here to see.

The teaser plays out exactly as it did in the textual description I wrote about the other day and has that superb image of the U.S.S. Enterprise embossed saucer section with the stirring music and the Leonard Nimoy voice. Stirring stuff.

I'm frantically trying to get it to work to see it, but if you want to get your eyes on the new Enterprise from the new Star Trek, just head over to IESB [Flash] who have been brave enough to host the first bootlegged trailer. I wonder how long it will be before it disappears?

Did that capture you then? Did the moment the music and voice kicked in grab you? I think it looks stunning, but I still have some horrible feelings over the plot and the direction of a young Kirk crew.



I saw a teaser trailer for this when I saw Cloverfield and it was a shot of the spaceship being built though I dont remember any voices but it looks like it could be pretty good even though Ive never watched Star Trek.

looking good...like they're taking this whole thing back to the roots: EXPLORATION, ADVENTURE, etc.

can't wait!!!


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