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Statham as Sub-Mariner and The Crow?

JasonStatham.jpgNot quite, but Jason Statham has been interviewed and he's been talking about his dream projects and other films in the pipeline, and a few interesting things have come up.

First that there's a remake of The Crow being considered, and secondly that he's been considered for the role of Namor in Sub-Mariner. He also talks a little about The Dirty Dozen remake.

Here's a few extracts from the interview pulled together:

IESB: Speaking of Guy Ritchie, he's moving into directing The Dirty Dozen. Has he talked to you about appearing in that?
Statham: No, he hasn't. I haven't seen Guy in a little while. But we'll get together soon enough. But I'll work with him until I can't even fucking walk anymore. You know, he's there forever in my eyes.

IESB: Now Guy Ritchie actually wrote a comic called Gamekeeper that he's talked about making into a film.
Statham: I haven't looked at it but he's very excited about it. (Imitating Ritchie) "Yeah, I really want to do this one. It's fucking going to be great." So yeah. I'm sure there's a huge trend for this kind of film and I'm sure he'll do a good job of it.

IESB: Do you have a dream project that you've always wanted to do?
Statham: Yeah, I've got a few. I think my dream project would be to work with somebody like Michael Mann or Martin Scorsese and within that project there to be someone like Russell Crowe there…Not just some bit of fluff to try and sell straight to DVD. Something that has a bit of longevity - a bit of quality - to it. An adult action movie. Not to say that adults don't go to see films like Crank and Snatch but I'd like to do something that's a bit more of a thriller.

IESB: Are there any comic book characters that you'd like to play in a film?
Statham: Let me think… It's funny, I took a meeting for Sub-Mariner. I don't know if I'd look right running around in a tight speedo with wings on my ankles but there's so many cool fucking characters…

…You know, there's talk of them redoing The Crow. That was a good movie with Brandon Lee, although that was years ago. So if that one comes my way, bang!

IESB: So you'd like to work on smaller films, too?
Statham: Yeah, I did a film called London. I don't know if anyone ever saw it. It's a great thing. I filmed it in like 20 days. There's pages and pages of dialogue. It's great. I can really sink my teeth into that kind of stuff. But not a lot of people go to see those films…You have to strike a balance between something not too ridiculously commercial and something that will win the attention of the people out there and at the same time give you a little bit of credibility. I think that The Bank Job catches both sides there. It's entertaining, isn't it? It's fun. It'll be interesting to see how The Bank Job does.

You can read the full interview over at IESB.

Some of those comments are interesting, there's a remake of The Crow? Frankly that really doesn't surprise me, however I can't really see that they could remake that film and capture the essence and darkness. That is unless they put some strong talent in charge of the film.

Also that Jason Statham was up for Sub-Mariner, and that he hasn't been contacted yet for Guy Ritchie's The Dirty Dozen. The former I wouldn't think he was a good match, apart from his competitive swimming past, and the latter I would have thought he was an ideal match for and would have been snapped up instantly.

I'm really keen to see The Bank Job and see something a little different from the man, whom we know can actually act, he's just too caught up in his action roles for now.



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