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The Cottage trailer online

AndySerkis.jpgThere's a trailer for the British horror comedy The Cottage online, the film starring Andy Serkis, Jennifer Ellison and Reece Shearsmith, both from British television and very recognisable too.

Funny thing is all we get of Ellison is a punch (she's throwing it) and a couple of aghast looks.

The Cottage is a dark comedy about a kidnapping which ends up in a remote cottage, unfortunately the cottage is already inhabited by a psychopathic killer who is intent on murdering and mutilating everyone. Oh dear.

The trailer looks pretty fresh and interesting, it does look like they've done something a little different here. Be warned though, it gives away the fate of one of the characters in the last few scenes – why on earth would they want to do that in the trailer? It's obvious too, not like they've tried to hide it or anything.

To be fair to Jennifer Ellison, there isn't much said by Andy Serkis or Reece Shearsmith either, the musical choice is rather odd and dominates the trailer.

Have a look and see what you think over at Brightcove [Flash] through HorrorMovies.ca. It's written and directed by Paul Andrew Williams, the an who did the same for London to Brighton.

The film is to be released on March the 14th, with advance screenings at the Glasgow Film Festival in February – I have the full schedule for the festival which I'll post up in the next few days.



This reminds me of Severance.

Gives away the fate of a character? Hmm does it Mr. Filmstalker!? Does it really!? ;)

What, are you saying it doesn't?

*looks all shifty like* I aint saying nothing copper!


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