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The Oxford Murders English trailer online

TheOxfordMurders.jpgWe've seen the trailer for The Oxford Murders before, but it was Spanish only, well now the English language trailer is here and it looks fantastic.

The film stars John Hurt and Elijah Wood and is directed by Álex de la Iglesia, the director of Crimen ferpecto and La habitación del niño (The Baby's Room) (Filmstalker review).

I love that line from John Hurt, “the only perfect crime is not the one that remains unsolved, but the one that is solved with the wrong culprit”. Cracking idea, wonderful line.

The story of The Oxford Murders (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) is about a professor at Oxford University – see the connection with the title? - who comes across a series of murders between which he thinks there is a connection. Together with a graduate student who also comes across the murders, they work together to try and solve the connection and ultimately find the murderer.

The trailer comes from YouTube through TheOneRing and Stale Popcorn.

It does look an exciting and powerful film, and with Álex de la Iglesia behind it we're set for something special. I really loved his television film The Baby's Room, a film for that he said he couldn't understand the interest in because it was made for late night television.

This also marks another powerful and diverse role for Elijah Wood, and opposite John Hurt no less. Definitely one to keep an eye out for although so far the announced released days are for Spain - 18th January, Argentina - 13th March, France - 26th March and Italy 11th April. Here's hoping for UK and US releases as soon as possible.



My site got a mention on Filmstalker!! Woot!!! ;)

Seriously though, this does look like a great movie and I'm hoping that the UK release isn't too far into the future.

Hey of course you did! Good site, nice group of writers, and you've been kind enough to mention Filmstalker, why not? You're a daily read.

Iglesia is a class act, have you seen The Baby's Room?


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