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The Tourist aka The List trailer online

TheTourist.jpgThere's a trailer online for The Tourist, the film starring Ewan McGregor, Hugh Jackman, Maggie Q , Michelle Williams and Natasha Henstridge, unfortunately it's over dubbed in Russian, but the idea is still there.

The film stars McGregor as a high flying business man befriended by Jackman who introduces him to a world of underground sex clubs and drugs, and pretty he's pulled into a blackmail that includes a murder of a call girl that he's just slept with.

The trailer comes from Worst Previews [Flash] through Row Three. I was tempted to try and pull the flash trailer out of the code, but that's not really fair so you can head over there to see it.

Do bear in mind that it's extremely difficult to hear the English speaking in the trailer over the top of the Russian dubbing.

To me it seems bizarre that there is an English language trailer for The Tourist, or The List depending on the name you're running with, and yet all we get to see is it dubbed over in Russian - why hasn't the English version been released, and why haven't they confirmed the name yet?

It's looking a powerful thriller, and with Hugh Jackman looking like he's playing a baddie it looks superb. My only down side is that Ewan McGregor looks like he's playing a character he's comfortably played before...however this is just a short trailer.

Oh, and Michelle Williams is definitely hitting new territory even by seeing the short few seconds of her here.



The dubbing annoyed me so i had to watch it without sound but it actually looked pretty good. Michelle Williams looks amazing! I didn't get to hear Ewan's accent, does anyone know if he is playing an american guy? I'm not sure I like his american accent in movies. It seems that Ewan is playing the confused 'does wrong at first but is really a nice guy' routine while Hugh is playing the 'looks nice to begin with but is really an evil mastermind' guy. I really like Hugh after watching the fountain so I hope he is just as good here rather than like he was in swordfish.



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