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Thornton, Wilkinson join Roberts, Owens in Duplicity

TomWilkinson.jpgBilly Bob Thornton and Tom Wilkinson are joining Julia Roberts and Clive Owen in the film from Tony Gilroy, Duplicity.

The film has Billy Bob Thornton and Tom Wilkinson playing the CEO's of rival pharmaceutical companies who are both trying to corner the market with a new innovation which promises to earn huge profits for the companies.

Clive Owen and Julia Roberts will play corporate spies playing for either side, trying to ensure that their company wins the race first by any means necessary.

The story from Variety makes Duplicity sound a rather interesting idea, and with that line up of talent I think we might be in for something pretty dramatic. Tony Gilroy previously wrote and directed Michael Clayton, and wrote the Bourne series, Proof of Life and Extreme Measures, all effective and dramatic thrillers.



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