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Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 coming in 3D?

ToyStory.jpgI'm really not a fan of current 3D technology, but it seems the studios are plugging it like mad as Disney announce the news that they're going to be releasing the Toy Story films in 3D, including the third. Woo. Colour me uninterested.

I love the Toy Story films, but I hate the gimmicky 3D where scenes are thrown in to ensure there's plenty of depth of field in the shots and plenty of layers, and the odd flying thing towards the camera.

I don't know how much of a treatment the original films are going to get and whether this means they'll be remastered to get loads of screen whizzing moments, but Toy Story 3 will definitely be made with the screen shooting moments in mind.

There's no other news in the announcement through Jo Blo about what Toy Story 3 will contain, just that it's going to be 3D. Great, expect them to focus on the flying towards screen moments. Oh I hate 3D, and I really don't want Toy Story to suffer from being focused on something other than the excellent scripting of the first two.



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