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Universal rumoured to drop HD-DVD

BluRayvsHDDVD.jpgNow I'm not sure if we're starting to hear all these rumours of other studios leaving HD-DVD because there's a rise in momentum to try and kill off the format, which is currently lagging well behind Blu-ray, or if it really is concrete rumour, however there's news today that Universal are considering the move across camps.

Although Universal has not officially moved, the word is that their commitment to backing HD-DVD exclusively is over.

Now that word from Variety could mean a manner of things, it could mean that they are going to support both formats now and let the consumer decide, or it could mean that they are waiting to make the announcement to move.

Personally, as it's written up there, it sounds like a dual format support, because why else wouldn't they just announce it and move across.

Of course, it could be rumour mongering to try and get the complete shift to Blu-ray over with as quickly as possible.

With the two major studios of Paramount and Universal now left sitting with the HD-DVD consortium, it seems as though the decision is in their hands. Toshiba, at the head of the consortium, don't seem ready to call it a day.

Perhaps the answer will lie with the retailers themselves, as they display the growing range of Blu-ray the shelf space will help the purchaser choose which format to buy.



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