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Untraceable trailer in multiple formats

Untraceable.jpgI've just received the trailer for Untraceable in multiple formats and sizes.

The film has Diane Lane as an FBI Agent who investigates cyber crime. When she's called into a new case of a killer filming his victims live on the internet and killing them slowly as more visitors appear, she begins to become personally involved, and the killer starts to target her.

It also stars Billy Burke, Colin Hanks and Joseph Cross, and is directed by Gregory Hobbit who also directed film such as Fracture and Frequency.

The trailer looks pretty good and presents something a little newer and more imaginative. I wonder if they will portray all the computer work as real as possible?

Untraceable Trailer:
Quicktime: High quality Medium quality Low quality
Windows Media Player: High quality Medium quality Low quality
Realplayer: High quality Medium quality Low quality



The trailer looks good! A bit creepy mind! The more you visit the site the faster it will kill the victim? WOAH! Talk about bandwidth overload!

And I love Diane Lane in suspense thrillers, remember her in Murder at 1600, not a good film I know but I thought she was good. I don't mind her in the occasional rom-coms but she should be given meatier lead roles like this. Not sure what her role is in Jumper though.


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