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Vin Diesel talks Fast and the Furious 4

VinDiesel-PaulWalker.jpgVin Diesel, and indeed all the cast of Fast and the Furious 4, have been rather quiet about the production of The Fast and the Furious 4, until now.

Although he doesn't have that much to say, Diesel has talked about the sequel and why he ended up doing it in the first place.

“I think doing the cameo in ‘Tokyo Drift’ confirmed a lot of things for me. It confirmed that if you create a role that the world kind of identifies with, or the world adopts, sometimes you have that responsibility to revisit that role...I’m a little bit slower than the average actor that just jumps into the sequel, but I think the time has come to revisit Dom Toretto.”

That's about all he had to say on the subject to MTV Movies Blog. You would think that he would be enthusing much more about the film considering how attune he is with the fan base.

He does go on to say something about his fellow cast members:

“Gotta have Paul Walker...”

Which he's right about. If they're bringing back him then they should definitely bring back his partner in crime and recreate that successful friendship. However he doesn't say anything else about the cast or about the film, which is a real shame.

Still it's something for The Fast and the Furious 4 fans.



Vin Diesel makes a cameo in tokoyo drift? wow i never knew that. If the film has paul walker and vin diesel, then it's definately worth seeing in my book.

Have you not seen it Michelle? Oh yeah, he certainly does and it's a pretty cool moment too.

No I didn't, I saw the 2nd film and was very disappointed in it and then didn't bother with the rest. I managed to find a youtube clip of his cameo which was very cool indeed. I can imagine people watching it not knowing about the cameo and then going "woooooow!"

That cameo nearly redemeed the entire movie for me. Still, Diesel and Walker back for number 4 has me excited! I can't wait!


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