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Watchmen storyboards online

Watchmen_Poster.jpgZack Snyder is hard at work on the big screen version of the Watchmen graphic novel/comics, and he's applying the same respect for the genre he showed with 300 (Filmstalker review) to this film.

You can see that from the storyboards that he's displayed in the latest blog entry, he's drawn a few panels of scenes next to the panel of action from the comic book.

It really does show that he's trying to stay true to the source, and this is something that's going to really make fans happy, well I hope so anyway. I know I am.

Have a look at the panels on the story and see what you think, and have a look at that last one with the sign drawn in the background as Rorschach leaps out the window. You can see the storyboards over at the official site through Coming Soon.

Here's Zack Snyder talking about the Watchmen storyboards and the work he puts into them.

“Once completed, the boards play a key role throughout pre-production, mapping out every frame that I intend to shoot. Visually presenting the what, where, why, who, when, etc. of every frame...

...Once we finish pre-production and start shooting, mini storyboard sides are distributed to the crew at the beginning of each day. Many of us refer back to them countless times on any given day...

...it takes me a tremendous amount of time during pre-production to draw each and every frame (2,581 in the case of Watchmen)...”

That's a hell of a lot, but just look at the way he's expanding on the panels in the comic and using them as reference.

Seriously, I can hardly contain my excitement.



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