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Watchmen's Sally Jupiter speaks

CarlaGugino.jpgCarla Gugino has been talking about her role as Sally Jupiter in Zack Snyder's Watchmen, the hugely anticipated adaptation of the comic book series that fans have been waiting a very long time for.

Gugino reveals that she ages from twenty five to sixty seven in the film and talks about some of the harder moments of the filming, including the plot heavy scenes between her and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, aka the Comedian, and the interesting opening credits we're to expect.

"The title sequence of this movie is going to be extraordinary. We spent many weeks over the time of the shoot shooting it. That's going to be a very, very special thing that wasn't scripted, that will be really empowering...

...It incorporates real history and the fictitious world of Watchmen, and so it's very cool...We meet Nixon and all sorts of people."

It seems that the plan for these credits is a similar one to the opening credits of Kingdom, building a timeline of events as they split from our historical timeline and enter a strange and slightly off kilter world that's very akin to our own, but just not quite.

Carla Gugino's comments come through MTV Movies Blog.

I'm getting more and more excited about this project, and after so much time and so many directors passing it really is still hard to believe it's actually being made. This introduction piece has me really interested, and we'll see a very cool transition from our world to that of the Watchmen's.



Can't wait! I really hope they haven't messed it up *fingers crossed*

I really don't think they have Big Al. With the way that Snyder treated 300, I think he's going to be ultra careful to ensure that this is given just the right treatment.


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