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WGA talks with independent studios

Book.jpgWhile the Writers Guild of America (WGA) continue their strike in Hollywood against the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers (AMPTP) who represent the big major studios, the independent studios have decided that they can't wait and have started negotiating independently and directly with the AMPTP.

Some of those studio names might surprise you such as United Artists, The Weinstein Company, and Lionsgate. While both Lionsgate and The Weintstein Company are reviewing possible interim deals with the WGA, United Artists are expected to make an announcement of an agreement any day soon.

What this means is that the AMPTP are failing to hold out against the WGA, and that studios are starting to make deals with the WGA that satisfy the writers needs for more, or any, payments from the use of their work on the Internet and other electronic media.

This could mark the beginning of the end of the strike, for if enough of these deals are struck the major studios will be be sitting with empty in-trays while these other studios will start receiving new scripts and rewrites.

Apparently though MGM are trying to dissuade UA from taking up the deal The Hollywood Reporter believe that they can't really stop them considering how young the company is and how much it needs films to be made in order to survive.

That said the news also gets released in the same story and seen through Cinema Blend that Oliver Stone's Pinkville film is likely to be held back even further from production. While it was stopped because it required rewrites, the word is that even if UA makes a deal with the WGA and writers start working with them, Pinkville will not be on that slate.

This is mainly put down to the actors working on other projects, however there's speculation that after Lions for Lambs didn't do as well as expected, they might be shy of doing another anti-war film so soon.

Still, that aside, this has to be a worrying announcement for the AMPTP but a great one for the WGA, and it means that writers are getting a fairer deal, getting back to work, and that some films will start getting through pre-production again. Now let's hope for the announcement.



awesome!!! i had a feeling it wouldn't be an across the board decision when this was finally resolved. Thanks for the info, man. and i have to say this could turn out to be a silver lining in a way.

imagine if the larger studios end up being held back long enough for some of the smaller films on the burners now to make their way to the screen? most of the larger studios are the ones abusing us with remakes, needless sequels and ill-advised projects while ignoring more interesting scripts that would actually be more entertaining while not guranteeing larger revenue?

if so, this could all be worth it in the end.

however, this still doesn't mean anything for my poor 4th season of LOST, so i'm still holding my breath that the larger studios stop holding back and come back to the table.

Vaguely related & amusing: http://files.redvsblue.com/web/images/comic/20071113RT0195.jpg

I don't think it really is to cover Kiefer Sutherland's jail term, after all half of the younger actors and actresses are either drinking too much, doing drugs, having breakdowns, in/out of rehab, or any of the above.

Seems to be a prerequisite these days.

Mogulus,I'm concerned about Battlestar Galactica, at least we'll see Lost finished when they come back, but smaller shows could well be dropped in favour of new projects.

I too hope that the big studios stay away from the table for a while, perhaps the quality of films will suddenly go up until they sign a deal.


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