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Writers deal with more studios

Book.jpgWhile the strike continues between the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the Writers are making more deals directly with independent studios, and each deal they make weakens the AMPTP's position.

Now they've reached agreements with Spyglass Entertainment and Media Rights Capital taking the run of independent film studio signings to four. There's also the television company Worldwide Pants making a total of five.

While the deals were made the AMPTP came down on the media offensive with a statement that tries to play down the deals, deals which mean that the Production companies can engage writers on projects right now while other studios sit with empty in trays and meeting rooms.

"These one-off agreements are meaningless because the companies signing them know they will not have to abide by their terms for very long, since they'll be superseded by whatever final industrywide accords are reached. If companies truly had to live by the terms of these one-off agreements, we are confident none would ever be signed."

Comes the quote through Variety. Yes, that's true Mr Spokesman, but at the same time these companies are developing projects, you are not.

Spyglass also releases a statement, which pretty much shoots down any positive spin the production companies may have had:

"We're back in business...We'll go back into full production mode, developing scripts and looking for new projects."

There are more figure based breakdowns in the Variety article should you want to find out what the deals are, but these are similar to the others and offer writers a fairer cut of the profits made from other media channels, particularly the Internet, for scripts they have written.

The AMPTP studios really have to be feeling the pressure now that the writers are getting back to work. You have to think that the studios who have signed up are going to get the pick of the bunch on their projects.



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