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Writers deal with Weinsteins

HarveyWeinstein.jpgThe Writers Guild of America have agreed a deal to work with the Weinstein Company, this comes right after they signed a successful deal with Universal Artists.

This now marks the second big studio that they've signed to work for outside of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, as long as all goes well with the physical signing which should be announced today.

This deal allows a few high level projects to continue, including the Rob Marshall musical Nine which the Weinsteins stated was delayed after Anthony Minghella could not complete a script polish in time for the strike.

A spokesman for the WGA through Yahoo News stated that the Weinsteins wanted to reach an agreement to help push the AMPTP towards one, and quite frankly they should be reconsidering their position right now.

If two studios are willing to sign up to terms that are agreeable with the WGA then why won't the others? Well both Universal Artists and the Weinstein Company focus on film development and don't do a lot of work in television, and it seems to be here and the associated residuals from new media channel delivery that are really in dispute.

What this means for us are films getting made, and that should start worrying the studios who aren't getting new scripts on their desks.



Maybe it's just me but making individual deals with certain studios seems to dilute the point they are trying to make. Plus studios who are making deals are using it as leverage over other studios who can't or won't do the same. Same for TV shows like Letterman who make deals so that their shows go ahead as normal, while competitors are having to go ahead with no writing staff.

I suppose it just goes to show how much power writers do have, but I get the feeling they are also being used as pawns by other people.


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