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Writers Guild deal with United Artists

Book.jpgThe news has come through that United Artists have indeed struck a deal with the Writers Guild of America allowing writers to return to work on UA projects alone.

This confirms the previous story and does make for a rather interesting time as fresh projects can get moving with the studio while others are sitting clearing their hastily rushed pre-strike stockpile of productions.

What we could end up with is a list of higher quality productions from smaller, independent studios such as UA while the majors churn out rushed, low budget, unfinished sequels, prequels and poorer quality films, or in the longer term, nothing at all.

The story from Yahoo News tells us that the deal includes residuals for writers for content that is distributed through newer distribution channels such as online and through mobiles, and this is the ongoing sticking point between the WGA and the AMPTP.

Both sides seem happy with the deal as well, the WGA West President Patric Verrone said:

“United Artists can make movies now. We're hoping it's a sign of things to come...It shows that our proposals are reasonable and it shows that we can make a deal when people are willing to bargain for it. ”

While Paula Wagner from UA said:

“This agreement is important, unique, and makes good business sense for United Artists...In keeping with the philosophy of its original founders, artists who sought to create a studio in which artists and their creative visions could flourish, we are pleased to have reached an agreement with the WGA.”

What's most interesting is that MGM, the parent company of UA, have allowed this to go ahead. Obviously they realise the business deal will bring money into UA, but at the same time they are one of the studios refusing to strike a deal with the WGA.

Here's hoping this deal means some new quality productions, that might just have the chance of seeing more of an audience without the mass run of sequels, prequels, and general studio films on the go.



United Aftists is with Tom Cruise right?

That's it! More films with Cruise please!

Did you know: UA was founded by a small group that included Charlie Chaplin

Yep, I did know that too. ;)

Good. :-P

I've made a point of pointing this out whenever people mention the UA and Tom Cruise partnership. Nothing against Tom. I just feel C.C isn't & should be remembered more for the legend that he is :)

Nah, I think you're just being pedantic. Oppppps! >Kidding!

I also that know my favorite singer/actress Barbra Streisand also got involved with UA at one time, Cruise is not the only actor who ever got attached to it.

I knew that too! Except Simone, who's United Aftists? ;)

Well Cruise is the actor who brought the studio back to life, and there's not many who could have done that. So there has to be some kudos to his pulling power there.

I think Charlie Chaplin is remembered for his acting, and that's a very good thing, however you are right and that it should be remembered that he was the first to break from the big studios who were controlling everything and create a studio that made films with the actors careers in mind, not tying them down to hugely constraining contracts. Hence the title, United Artists.

Except Simone, who's United Aftists? ;)

I am beginning to type fast like you Rich! ;)

That's when the mistakes happen!


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