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Writers work for Lionsgate and Marvel

Book.jpgThe Writers Guild of America has reached another interim agreement with independent studios, this time it's with Lionsgate and again with Marvel. So horror and superheroes are once again being written.

We've already seen the Weinstein Company and United Artists make deals, that means there are now four big studios that are dealing directly with the Writers Guild and have made these interim agreements.

With the news from Yahoo News that Marvel and Lionsgate on board it means that no matter how long the strike goes on, audiences are going to be seeing a stream of films coming to the cinema, and from the looks of these studios that won't mean the Hollywood stream of remakes which is a good thing.

I wonder just how long the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers can continue with studios making deals with independent studios while they sit back saying that they're going to offer them nothing on new media sales. These studios have signed deals that the Writers are happy with, why can't the AMPTP?

Every one of these studios that comes on board hurts the AMPTP's stand and strengthens the WGA's position. I can't see them taking this hard stand for much longer.



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